AI autocorrect for runtime errors

Focus on shipping code faster while the AI coding partner provides suggestions for unit-level bugs.

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"I spent less time online copy-pasting error messages and code. Coding was fun again"
Mohammed Hayat
Co-Founder & CTO,
"Flow and more flow. I can focus on building and stop worrying about errors."
Petar Vasilev
Senior Software Engineer, FlutterBit
"I can fix the implementation 2x faster based on the suggestions."
Jason Yin
Software Engineer, Virgin Money
"Fixing off-by one errors is a thing of the past"
Claudia Gusti
Data Scientist, Telesign
"TDD with Kropply helps me ship product quicker"
Mike Megally
Principal Software Engineer, TechEmpower

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Our Features

Smart Autocorrect
Revolutionize your debugging speed with Kropply's intelligent autocomplete feature
Simple integration
Kropply seamlessly integrates into VS Code terminal without being intrusive to your workflow
One Click fixes
We simplify coding, keeping all your essentials in one place, so you can stay focused on what truly matters
Effortless Debugging
Identify and fix issues swiftly, improving code reliability and ensuring a smooth development process
TypeScript Support
Dive into versatile coding experiences with Kropply's extensive language support
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Context-Package-Error Engine


Our approach focuses on using only the code essential to resolve specific issues, ensuring efficient and targeted solutions.

  • Deliver faster solutions
  • Avoid reviewing entire codebase
  • Use only necessary code for efficient fixes

Experience the transformation in your code with our tailored approach. We leverage the exact packages you use, ensuring our suggestions are perfectly aligned with your needs.

  • Smooth Integrations that fit seamlessly into your workflow
  • Customized suggestions tailored to your exact packages
  • Optimal efficiency by maximizing effectiveness with familiar packages

We isolate each error to provide specific and actionable feedback

  • Our process includes a comprehensive review of your code to pinpoint errors accurately
  • We ensure that every issue is identified and addressed effectively
  • Receive clear, actionable insights to improve your code

Frequently asked questions

Does it work best for front-end or back-end engineers?
If you write unit-test with Jest then it works for you! It doesn’t matter if you are testing a React app or a Node.js app. As long as you have Jest set up correctly.
What language does it work with?
It works with TypeScript. Let us know if you would like to see Kropply developed for another programming language. Email us
Is Kropply open source?
Currently only the documentation of Kropply is open-sourced. We are currently discussing internal on what exactly we should open-source.You can find the documentation and contribute here:
How does it work, does it use AI?
We focus on being context-aware. We built the CPE engine which highly focuses on the code that you have available. We use all the latest AI technologies.
How is Kropply different?
Kropply is an Autocorrect. We understand how frustrating bug finding and fixing is. Runtime errors are the worst and thus we want you to not have to worry about them and focus on building the cool tech that you envision.
Does it work with every IDE?
Currently we support VS Code.
What's the best use case for Kropply?
If you encounter runtime errors that you quickly want to fix without having to think about the problem.Check out the documentation on exactly how to get started.
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