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What is Kropply

Kropply is an AI extension to help software developers reduce their debugging time. Specifically designed for software developers, this extension is seamlessly integrated into Visual Studios to provide proactive solutions directly in the terminal for different coding languages. Kropply is poised to enhance the efficiency and productivity of software developers through its AI-powered features, streamlining the debugging process and ultimately enabling developers to focus on their core responsibilities.

How Kropply Works

Kropply operates on a different front, focusing on code translation and error resolution. By employing advanced AI algorithms, Kropply effectively identifies and addresses common coding errors encountered during the development process, thereby revolutionizing the debugging paradigm.   Our pioneering technology encompasses a comprehensive range of error detection and resolution techniques, ensuring a streamlined development workflow. With Kropply at their disposal, developers can experience a hassle-free coding experience, unburdened by the arduous task of error hunting. 


At Kropply, we embark on a bold journey driven by the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to revolutionize the coding process, empowering developers to unleash their creative potential and accelerate software development cycles. We plan to change the developer environment one line at a time helping software engineers code the future.

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